Quick Scala Tutorial – Learn with Examples

This tutorial will help you learn Scala quickly. Adopts a practical approach to learning. Task 1 : Install Scala and Configure It Download Scala by visiting  http://www.scala-lang.org/downloads Download the latest version. The version I used is 2.11.8.  That version is available here http://www.scala-lang.org/download/2.11.8.html The installable is… Read More

Sending Email using javax.mail API

The JavaMail standard extension in package javax.mail and javax.mail.internet (the latter contains classes that are specific to Internet email protocols) provides classes to send emails. Let us consider the example of how to send mail using the SMTP protocol. Example : Send Mail using SMTP… Read More

Compute logarithms using Java

This post is about calculating logarithms using Java. Java provides supports for logarithms via the java.lang.Math package, the log() function.This function is to the base e.Base e or the natural logarithm represent the log to a constant (e) whose value is approximately 2.718281828. To compute… Read More