Java JDBC Tutorial

This tutorial covers the basics of JDBC and how one can use the various APIs provided by the JDBC. The tutorial covers the very basics and moves on to the advanced topics like calling a stored procedure, handling cursor object returned by the procedure and… Read More

JDBC PreparedStatement – Batch Update

This example shows how to insert records as a batch using the PreparedStatement. Batching helps to improve the performance when you are insert large number of records Java Example

JDBC Batch update example

Need for Batch processing Batch updates are used for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations if you are going to update many records. For small number of database operations there may not be much benefit with batching. But there are serious performance benefits, if you are… Read More

Connect to Database using JDBC

Connecting to the Database is the hello world example for learning JDBC. In JDBC, the client  ( java program) connects to the data source using the JDBC driver for the particular database. The driver is the program responsible for handling all communications with the underlying data… Read More