Facade – Design Pattern

According to the GoF, the goal of facade design pattern is to, “Provide a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a subsystem. Facade Pattern defines a higher-level interface that makes the subsystem easier to use.” To understand this better, let us take an… Read More

Java – Exception handling

An exception is a condition that arises during the execution of a java program. It can occur due to many reasons. For instance, Invalid data Business validation Input out put issue Socket connection problem Data base issue These exception can occur in different categories as… Read More

Java with MongoDB – Hello World Example

This tutorial is about using Mongo DB with Java. Shows you how to connect, and do CRUD operations on mongodb using Java programming language. Tools and technologies used : MongoDB 2.2.3 MongoDB-Java-Driver 2.10.1 JDK 1.6 or higher Maven 3.0.3 or higher Eclipse Juno Creating the… Read More

Spring Batch Hello World Tutorial

Spring Batch is a framework from the Spring family that makes processing of batch jobs easier, modular and scalable.  Typical Batch processing programs to processes billions of transactions every day for large enterprises. These can be consolidation of month end sales, correction of errors, price and loyalty… Read More

How To Sort An ArrayList In Java

ArrayList is one of the most commonly used data type in java.  ArrayList  keeps the data against and index and knowing the index, you can retrieve the value. If you don’t have the index, you have iterate through the array to find the value. ArrayList… Read More

CSS !important directive

What is !important in CSS ? Let us try to learn that. CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets) cascade. Browser applies the styles in the order that they are read. Consider the case below

  In this case, the text inside the span will have… Read More

JAX WS Tutorial with Example code

Starting with JDK 1.6,  JAX-WS is available with Java Installation. Hence it is now easier to develop web services in Java. No need to separately download other libraries. All you need is in your JDK installation. This tutorial will explore JAX – WS in detail.… Read More