Common File operations in Java

Java has excellent support for file operations and has provided many useful classes to help with file operations. Let us look at some of the most frequently required file operations and how those can be achieved using Java Commonly used Classes File FileReader FileWriter BufferedReader… Read More

How to read a file in Java

In Java, you can adopt many ways to read contents of a file. In this tutorial let us explore the most common way of reading a file using java. The steps for reading a file can be broadly broken down into 3 simple steps Open a… Read More

What’s new in JEE 7

Java Enterprise Edition 7 or JEE 7 offers new features that enhance HTML5 support and increase developer productivity to meet enterprise demands.”This is the ultimate platform for building HTML5 and mobile apps,” said Cameron Purdy, vice president of development at Oracle. This puts things into… Read More

Uses of Finalize method in Java

In Java, finalize is a method that garbage collector must run on the object before freeing or garbage collecting the object. To add a finalizer to a class, just declare it as follows:

The finalize method is defined in the java.lang.Object class and you… Read More