Apache HttpClient – Tutorial And Best practices

Overview of Apache HttpClient   HttpClient makes programmatic HTTP protocol interactions easier. It is a standards based Java implementation of Http protocols version 1.0 and 1.1. Provides complete implementation of HTTP methods – GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE). Features wise it is exhaustive.… Read More

Java Generics Tutorial

This tutorial  looks at Java Generics in detail and explores the flexibility it offers. Most important aspects of Generics are covered in Simple to understand language. Hope this tutorial is useful to readers. Java Generics  Generics enable types (classes and interfaces) to be parameters when… Read More

Spring Security Hello World Example

In this tutorial, we will see how we can use Spring security to protect specific resources. This Hello World tutorial will give you a quick start to Spring Security.We will use Spring’s Java Config ( Annotation based approach) to configure the properties instead of  XML… Read More

Understanding Java Garbage Collection

Here is an excellent tutorial on Java Garbage Collection. You will learn about How Garbage Collection Works Classifying Current Available Collectors GC fundamentals and key terminologies The Application memory wall problem Learn about Concurrent Collector, Parallel Collector, Stop the World Collector and Incremental Collector. The… Read More

How to learn java online with examples

Java the most popular programming language since the inception of  C++ is greatly appreciated for its Code once and Run anywhere capability , Object Orientation and above all its automatic memory management. Java is found every where from embedded devices, mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers… Read More

Java JDBC Tutorial

This tutorial covers the basics of JDBC and how one can use the various APIs provided by the JDBC. The tutorial covers the very basics and moves on to the advanced topics like calling a stored procedure, handling cursor object returned by the procedure and… Read More

Java XML Tutorial for Developers

In Java, there are many parser’s and technologies available to process and generate XML documents. The most commonly used technologies are DOM SAX JDOM JAXB Each has its own merits and demerits. It is important to determine the context and pick the best one for… Read More

Java IO tutorial

Java IO is a powerful package and comes with tons of useful methods capable of reading or writing the files and directories. It is a very powerful package and a good grasp of this package is a necessity for any java developer. I will be… Read More