Difference between servlet init and servlet context parameter

Often programmer’s wonder what is the difference between the servlet init and context parameters. This is a quick look at the difference between these two method of parameter initialization’s. Servlet init parameter

You can see that init-param is defined inside a servlet element. This… Read More

Reasons behind the success of hadoop

Hadoop is the catch word in Big data processing. Although, there are many other big data processing systems like hadoop none has become so popular and widely accepted as hadoop. Hadoop is used in very large enterprises and the list of enterprises embracing hadoop is… Read More

How to get the current timestamp In Java

Getting the current timestamp in java  is straightforward. Here is how you can get this

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Playframework – Scala Template Common Tasks

Compilation of  Common Tasks / Commands for Scala template –  Playframework Here is a quick list of commands that can be used within scala templates in Play framework. Iterate a List

Iterate a Map

For instance if you have a map with a… Read More

Introduction to Hadoop

Quick Introduction to Hadoop Hadoop is project under the umbrella of the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop is a system for parallel processing of massive data distributed across many nodes(computers). Many nodes join together to form a Hadoop cluster. A cluster can even have nodes hosted… Read More